NaijaMetro Ca$h GiveAway!

NaijaMetro Cash GiveAway Contest

Simply write five things you like about Nigeria in your comment and then get your friends to vote.
The comment with highest points* wins $50!!
Hurry… contest closes 31 October, 2012.

*Points are weighted votes using star rating i.e One 5 star vote = 5 points. Two 3 star votes = 6 points.


  • Keep your comments short and clear
  • Only one vote per person.
  • The star voting system only allows one vote per IP address.
  • Increase your chances by joining the community before posting your comments
  • Winner will receive their prize via Western Union Money Transfer.

11 thoughts on “NaijaMetro Ca$h GiveAway!

  1. This is a sample, please write your own original comments.
    1/ Nigerian food is very tasty
    2/ Nigerians are very hardworking and enterprising
    3/ The traditional dresses are beautiful
    4/ Nice sandy beaches
    5/ Nollywood movies!

    Thank you and enjoy the contest!

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  2. Five of the things that like about Nigeria:
    1. The cornucopia of its food.
    2. The salubrity of it climate.
    3. The boisterousness of its cities.
    4. The weltanschauung of its people.
    5. The possibilities of its economy.

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  3. 1( our men and women are ablsoutly beautiful.
    2(the tradition and culture.
    3(the langauges are wow
    4(the movies, don’t get me wrng but I love love love nollywood
    5(last but not the list love th foods

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  4. Dis is great site,so dis is 4 u nice one how can i foll d site.

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    • Thanks for your comment. You can start by joining the NaijaMetro community. Register on the “Join our community” page – from the main menu

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  5. 1) Nigeria dos nt hav earthquakes.
    2) Nigeria is among d best in Africa.
    3) Nigeria has lots of natural resouces.
    4) Nigeria has one of d best economies in Africa.
    5) Nigeria is reknowed for sending help to victims of disasters in other countries.

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  6. 1. Nigeria is multi-tribal, multi-religious yet everyone lives together.
    2. Nigeria makes Africa proud- Nollywood, Afrobeat, Ankara fashion and so on.
    3. Nigeria leads the way in Entertainment, Democracy, Sports, Peace keeping and morality.
    4. Nigeria is a big deposit of cultural heritage and mineral resources.
    5. Nigeria is Africa’s future face and she has a brighter future.

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